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Knox Boxes

Residential Knox Boxes are high security key safes that are trusted and supported by East Grays Harbor Fire and Rescue. They provide first responders access to your home in emergencies when people inside are unable to open the door or are not in the house.

Follow these steps to purchase a residential knox box:

A black box with a red reflective strip, possibly a type of sensor or electronic device.

1) Visit Knoxbox website to start the process.

2)  Knoxbox website will ask you for “Your location” and Local fire department/agency.  Fill in Washington for “Your location” and Grays Harbor Fire Dist #5 for “Local fire department/agency”. Please note the department name must be exact or it will not find it.

A web interface prompting for location and fire department details to show products, with options for help and browsing.

3) Select Search

4) Result will appear for Grays Harbor Fire District 5/ East Grays Harbor Fire and Rescue.

5) View available knox box for purchase. The top option is for local pick up (Milton location). The bottom option is to have unit shipped to your residence.

Comparison of buying options for a product, showcasing benefits and prices from different sellers.

6) Upon receiving and installing the Knox box, contact East Grays Harbor Fire and Rescue to come out and open the box to place your key inside and to ensure proper operation.

To discuss your KnoxBox needs, contact Captain John Avery at 360-482-3143 or email