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Car Seat Checks

East Grays Harbor Fire and Rescue is unable to provide certified car seat inspections at this time.  

Locations that can provide this service:

Olympia Auto Mall – Thurston County Sheriff’s Office
2225 Carriage DR. SW, Olympia
2nd Saturday of each month, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
No appointment necessary

There are three stages to proper car seat use:

Rear Facing Infant or Rear Facing Convertible SeatUnder age one: Always face the baby to the rear of the vehicle. Small, infant-only car seats always face the rear. Convertible car seats face the rear for children up to 22 – 35 pounds.
Over age one: Can continue rear-facing if the child is under the maximum weight limit of your child car seat.

Forward Facing Seat with Harness: A child uses a forward facing car seat with s shoulder harness up to 40 pounds; this may be a convertible car seat, a forward facing car seat, or a built-in seat.

Booster Seat with Lap/Shoulder Belts: Safety belts do not fit children correctly until approximately age 8. Under the current law children must be in a belt positioning booster until they reach age 8 or they are four feet nine inches tall. Use a belt-positioning if the vehicle has lap/shoulder belts in the back seat.
For those who have newer vehicles with air bags, it is highly recommended that a child aged 12 and under, remain in the back seat. The powerful force of an air bag (approx 200 miles per hour), is very dangerous when sitting close to it.