Fire District 5 FireFighters Association Raises Funds For Emma Spalding

The Grays Harbor Fire District 5 Firefighters Association, an association comprised of both career staff and volunteers of the fire district raised $5300.00 on Saturday, August 21st at the Thunder Rolls truck and Car Races at the Grays Harbor Raceway in Elma.  

The Grays Harbor Raceway hosts a pass the hat, or boot allowing donations to the association every year, but this year the association members opted to use that opportunity to raise funds for Emma Spalding and her family.  

Emma, and her mother were involved in a collision on August 10th when a driver who failed to stop at a stop sign in Othello hit the driver side of the vehicle.  Emma was in the passenger side, however, was the most injured in the collision.  Emma was taken to Children’s in Spokane and put into an induced coma due to her injuries. 

Her mother and brother have been by her side from the beginning, as we ll as many other family members who could be there.  

The latest Update on Emma says that she had back surgery, and her internal Cranial Pressure is coming down, so the doctors have started the process of removing her from sedation and waking her up.  This will be a several day process and they have already seen issues of “Storming”  where her brian is sending signals to her body, but is confused on what ones to send creating several scary moments for the family.  

The members of Grays Harbor Fire District 5 are keeping Emma, Heidi, and Kolby and the rest of the family all in our thoughts and hoping for a good full recovery.

Donations can still be made to help with medical costs, family lodging and travel costs etc… at Our Local Community Credit Union in Emma Spaldings name.